These services are jointly organised by supporting partners, the HKACEP provides athletes with career support activities, including Career Counselling, Career Talk, Job Matching, Internship Programme, Learning Partner Scheme and Job Hub to assist athletes to plan their future career path.


To equip athletes in joining the workforce, activities related to soft skills training will be organised:

  • Mock Interviews
  • Resume Writing
  • Communication and Presentation Skills Trainings

Career Counselling

Athletes are able to find out directions and opportunities of possible career paths for their future through the process of “Career Mapping” during the Career Counselling Services provided.

Career Talk

Latest job market information are provided and shared during the Athletes Career Talk and Recruitment Talk.

Job Matching

By collaborating with Government Departments, Corporations and NGOs, including Home Affairs Bureau, HKSAR, MTR Corporation Limited, New World Development Co. Limited, Hopewell Holdings Limited and DHL Express (HK) Limited; a wide range of job opportunities, including managerial, administrative and managerial positions are offered to athletes.

Management Trainee Programme

Management Trainee Programme aims to provide career development opportunities for athletes who are interested in corporate management. The trainees are required to master their business skills; assist in formulating plans and familiarize with the work in different departments of the corporation. 

Internship Programme

The Internship Programme provides on-field and hands-on working experiences to athletes, and these opportunities can be developed into full-time job opportunities upon satisfactory performances.

Learning Partner Scheme

The Learning Partner Scheme invites a team of retired athlete businessmen and financial experts to provide guidance to athletes who wish to transition their skills into their own businesses. The team will guide athletes by providing experience sharing, offering field visits, group discussions on contemporary business issues and essential continuous education needs.

Retired Athletes Transformation Programme

Hong Kong Athletes Career & Education Programme (HKACEP) has been appointed by the Home Affairs Bureau as the service provider to carry out the “Retired Athletes Transformation Programme” (RATP). The RATP aims to help retired athletes build a solid foundation for their career plans and future development through the encouragement of their employments by schools, “national sports associations” (NSAs) and sports organisations.  The RATP also aims to assist schools, NSAs and sports organisations in promoting sports and nurture sporting talents.

RATP offers two programmes, including:

1.“ Retired Athletes Transformation Programme (Phase II)
Aim to assist retired athletes to work in national sports associations/organisations, please click the link below for details: 

2.“Retired Athletes Transformation Programme - School Sports Promotion Coordinator Scheme
Aim to assist retired athletes to promote sports in schools, please click the link below for details.

Jobs Hub

An online platform with the latest information of HKACEP career partners, their job vacancies and any other sports related positions available for application.

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