Knowledge and skills are necessary for athletes to be competitive in our fast-moving and resourceful society. Hence, Life Skills Training Programme is an essential part of the HKACEP in creating opportunities to support and enhance athletes’ competitiveness for their next career goal.

Life Skills Training Programme

The HKACEP has been collaborating with the MTR Corporation Limited to provide soft skills training to athletes since 2013. Programmes include, but not limited to, Decision Making, Creative Problem Solving, Effective Communication, Time Management, Presentation Skills, Event Organising Skills, Mastering Emotion to Foster Can do Attitude, Trust x Caring Building Win-Win Relationships, DISC- Understanding Human Behaviour and Enhance Interpersonal Communication Skills and so on.

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“Stars to Shine” Mentorship Programme

Hong Kong Athletes Career & Education Programme (HKACEP) “Stars to Shine”


Mentorship Programme is a new career guidance programme that aims at providing newly retired HK athletes (mentees) with an additional avenue of learning through experience sharing and interaction with seasoned retired famous HK athletes who have successfully developed their second career and gained a wealth of working experience (mentors).  Eight famous retired athletes from different industries have agreed to join the programme as Mentors.  HKACEP will match the Mentors and Mentees according to their interest and industry and experience association.  Though experience sharing and guidance provision by Mentors as well as site visit activities and sharing forum organised by HKACEP, mentees would benefit from the programme in developing their second career. 


The 8 “Star Mentors” are:

Ms. Amy CHAN (Education & Charity)

Mr. WONG Kam Po (Sports Administration)

Ms. Malina NGAI (Retail Operation & Management)

Dr. LEE Yat Keung, Adam (Financial Services)

Mr. CHENG Ka Ho (Property Development Executive)

Mr. CHUI Kam Tong, Tony (TV Sports Commentator)

Ms. Vivian LEE (Public Relations & Sports Marketing)

Mr. YU Sum Yee (Disciplinary Force)


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Ambassador Programme

The Ambassador Programme aims to promote sports to the society, projecting the image of athletes’ positive attitude. Sports ambassadors share their inspirational stories to the community, schools and corporations. Details please refer to Ambassador Programme Webpage.

Athletes Sharing